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We at Hove Place Decorators are dedicated to our clients. We take the time to understand our customers needs and deliver the project accurately and efficiently. 

Our team is built with skilled trades people to manage and deliver the highest of standards knowing the importance that your house is your home. We aim to deliver a quick and efficient service making the service as simple as possible and take great pride in what we do. Hove Place Decorators are known for being adaptable and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction which we have quickly built up. We have an excellent reputation which we are immensely proud of.



Pick up the phone or fill in our Call Back Form and Jason will get in touch chat through your requirements. He will ask you questions to find out your requirements and priorities as well as answer any questions you may have.


At an arranged time Jason will come and visit you on site to inspect the property. Really use this time to point out any key priorities, decorations, colour preference etc and ask any outstanding questions. We recommend having a list handy so you don't forget on the day. Jason will thoroughly spend time with you to fully understand your requirements. This will all make for a smooth and efficient process. 


Once the pre-inspection is completed Jason will be able to quote up the total cost and outline any project details in full. 


We want you to be 100% comfortable when you sign off, therefore use this time to ask any further questions and make sure you are happy. Once you sign off and agree a start date the fun begins!

Work Begins:

We will arrive on site at the specified time and begin preparing the surfaces and areas to start work. At Hove Place Decorators we are dedicated to treating your property as if it were our own. We are prompt and clean up after ourselves after every visit, making sure we take care of your valuables through-out.


One of the reasons we get customers using us over and over again is our honest communication. Throughout the process if you need to chat you can call or visit us on site. We will be the first to raise our hands if we think there might be an issue and will work with you to resolve this as quickly and efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves as being trustworthy and open so feel free to call whenever!


We regard ourselves as perfectionists and want to make sure you are happy with our work, therefore once the work is nearly complete we will do a post-inspection with you. This is your chance to really have a look at the work we have done and raise any final tweaks. 

Work Complete:

That's it, you can now sit back and enjoy your lovely newly decorated property.